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Ant's Evening

2011-08-04 08:33:04 by FlashGirlGames

Ant's evening is a new free quest game that doesn't require any special skills. It is a fine online adventure game, where your main task is to assist this little ant on his way home. All the lovers of adventure and quest games will find it exciting.

One little ant went for a walk and forgot about the time. When the sun was setting down, the ant understood that he had got lost and he was far from his sweet abode. His legs were injured and he couldn't go fast.

In this free point-and-click game you will guide this little ant through treacherous game's challenges. On his way he'll face a lot of dangers, but he is a brave little ant, who is ready for everything to reach his home. Help him to overcome all the obstacles and hurdles and come back to his lovely anthill. Practically all the insects in the dense grass will try to help him.

In each level of this adventure game you have to solve different tasks. Once you complete the task, you are automatically redirected to the next level.

At the first sight the game may seem pretty easy and with poor graphic, but on the other hand you may find it really interesting, trying to find the solution and the exit of each level.

The control in the game is realized with the help of mouse. You should just click on different objects correctly. Also if you are stuck, you can always consult with a walkthrough of the game.

"Ant's evening" offers a good entertainment for those who want to take a break and relax while staying at work place. Are you ready for adventures of this nice online quest game? Then let's go!

Ant's Evening


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