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Curious Clarissa
Everybody was a child or there is still a child inside of any grown up person! Or if you are a child you will have no problem finding all Clarissa's toys and putting them into place! The Curious Clarissa is a very restless girl. She plays wherever she wants and often forgets her toys. So you will have to check out all the playgrounds in order to help her! This fascinating free online game will require from you great attention to the deatils in the background, so strain your eyes and prepare yourself for a challenging task!
Walk through the playgrounds and try to find all the objects that are displayed in the box below in order to clear each level. There are three levels of difficulty in this fun flash game. No matter what type you select, there are five scenes in each! Colourful balls, bright toy stars, cars, different shapes, shovels and other things will be all around, so maybe it will take you a long time to find all the items first. But do not worry, you will manage to do it! The position of objects is hardly changed in each level. What may cause difficulties is that you will have to look for different objects each time or there is a bigger amount of objects to find! The second mode is even more challenging than the previous one because there are only outlines of the objects that you need to search for. Look carefully at the toys on the screen and you will recognise the right shapes. The last type of a level includes more different objects that you are assigned to find! Sounds challenging? Do not worry! Do not lose heart, concentrate, pay attention to the details all over the picture and you will complete each level with the speed of light! Pay attention to the fact that the sooner you complete each level, the more points you will get! Time flies by...
Talking about the graphics...The scenes are so familiar and appealing to every child and grown-up! Look at the main heroine, look into her deep blue eyes! It is impossible to refuse to help her! The hilarious music will accompany you throughout your journey and will not leave you indifferent, you will not get bored! Play our new free online flash game and you will enjoy the colourful graphics which brings up the spirit of childhood! Look for the many-coloured toys and help the Curios Clarissa find all her toys before her parents find out that she has lost them! Good luck and have fun!

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Curious Clarissa

Recent Game Medals

210 Points

Bubbles 5 Points

You have serviced 10 clients who have ordered soft drinks

MAGNET 25 Points

You opened Magnet bonus

Jumper 10 Points

Jump 10k meters

Stylist 50 Points

Dress her up in the same way as you see it in the original picture and choose the right colour in the Compare mode

Fashion Designer 25 Points

Dress up the model in the Dress up mode and see the result of yor work

Stylist 25 Points

Dress her up in the same way as you see it in the original picture and choose the right colour in the Comapre mode.

Fashion Designer 10 Points

Dress up the model in the Dress up mode and see the resul of yor work

Easy 10 Points

Complete the game in easy mode

Row Wipe 5 Points

Mix colours to get Row Wipe

Whirlpool 5 Points

Mix colours to get Whirlpool

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