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Art Fever

2011-06-20 11:34:44 by FlashGirlGames

Modern gamers have become very demanding to flash online games. They can't be satisfied with simple puzzle game or just an ordinary arcade with very predictable scenario and plot. For such experienced gamers we offer a new free game in flash "Art Fever", with quite simple design, but very original event line. It can be referred to 4 game genres: "hidden object game", "skill game", "memorizing game" and "puzzle".

Despite the fact that such free on-line games are called puzzle games, which are pretty challenging, their gameplay is extraordinary or hard-to-describe; this free flash game unites these popular and not very difficult game genres about solving logical tasks. It implies that you will use your logical thinking, strategy skills, attention, memory and intuition.

Firstly, this flash game has a central line, which is "hidden object" genre. During fixed period of time the player should find certain objects on the area specially designed to complicate search.

This type of casual on-line game is quite popular, but it requires combination of complexity of tasks and unusual forms of gameplay to catch player's attention and make him/her play again and again.
Secondly, this mini-game includes some branches, particularly the game round for memorizing. There you can check your attention and recent memory. The player by turn will open 15 cards, half of which are pair. You can open only 2 cards at once - it demands concentration. For on-line games of this type, scenario was taken from such card games as "Pa%u0456rs", "Concentrat%u0456on", "Memory", "Sh%u0456nke%u0456-su%u0456jaku" %u0438 "Pexeso".
Thirdly, the player will have an opportunity to check ability to use the mouse. As a free skill game, it develops fast reaction skills.

The main heroine of "Art Fever" is a student girl - a future artist - who is preparing for a very important class and all her instruments and accessories are scattered all over the four rooms. What is she going to do? She has very little time for it! For the search in each room she has very limited period of time and after each failed round, you have an opportunity to enlarge your store of time on bonus levels. They will offer you the period of time, that you could save while playing the previous levels.

A glaring example of multi-level puzzle, which includes logical skills and keenness of wit. " Art Fever" excites and make the users play on-line till they win. You won't be disappointed! Start playing right now!

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Art Fever


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