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Posted by FlashGirlGames - March 23rd, 2012

Curious Clarissa
Everybody was a child or there is still a child inside of any grown up person! Or if you are a child you will have no problem finding all Clarissa's toys and putting them into place! The Curious Clarissa is a very restless girl. She plays wherever she wants and often forgets her toys. So you will have to check out all the playgrounds in order to help her! This fascinating free online game will require from you great attention to the deatils in the background, so strain your eyes and prepare yourself for a challenging task!
Walk through the playgrounds and try to find all the objects that are displayed in the box below in order to clear each level. There are three levels of difficulty in this fun flash game. No matter what type you select, there are five scenes in each! Colourful balls, bright toy stars, cars, different shapes, shovels and other things will be all around, so maybe it will take you a long time to find all the items first. But do not worry, you will manage to do it! The position of objects is hardly changed in each level. What may cause difficulties is that you will have to look for different objects each time or there is a bigger amount of objects to find! The second mode is even more challenging than the previous one because there are only outlines of the objects that you need to search for. Look carefully at the toys on the screen and you will recognise the right shapes. The last type of a level includes more different objects that you are assigned to find! Sounds challenging? Do not worry! Do not lose heart, concentrate, pay attention to the details all over the picture and you will complete each level with the speed of light! Pay attention to the fact that the sooner you complete each level, the more points you will get! Time flies by...
Talking about the graphics...The scenes are so familiar and appealing to every child and grown-up! Look at the main heroine, look into her deep blue eyes! It is impossible to refuse to help her! The hilarious music will accompany you throughout your journey and will not leave you indifferent, you will not get bored! Play our new free online flash game and you will enjoy the colourful graphics which brings up the spirit of childhood! Look for the many-coloured toys and help the Curios Clarissa find all her toys before her parents find out that she has lost them! Good luck and have fun!

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Curious Clarissa

Posted by FlashGirlGames - October 19th, 2011

inally it is Sunday but unfortunately it is raining cats and dogs outside. You have to stay at home. But!If you wanted to experience some extraordinary kind of feeling this weekend, to see something that you have never seen before, free online flash game Octplop is an excellent choice for you . Welcome to the underwater world! Underneath the blue waves you will meet wonderful and funny creatures. In this game you will observe how a bunch of little friends of different colors will make up lines and groups. And when you notice that there is a line or a group of creatures of the same colour - one click of the mouse on this group and - puff, it is all gone! Also you can use bombs if there is no other choice. The reason is that the shells are not willing to give up, even if you see them in a row or in a group you can not do anything except to explode them with the help of a dark and scary bomb that looks as prickly as an urchin.

There are three ways that you can play this game. If you choose arcade, you will have to compete against time. The more levels you pass, the bigger variety of creatures who get faster and faster you will meet. You must be very attentive, do not let their number grow!

If you prefer a slower speed and a thoughtful game, then a classic variant is exactly what you need! Here you will have time to think over the strategy how to to kill the lines and groups of little inhabitants of the ocean more thoroughly.

If you do not like to loose, then you will like Zen variant of this flash game. It is surely for those who are ready to spend a lot of time playing computer games fighting for the victory!

It is a colourful and fascinating game with magnificent graphics. If you pay attention to the faces of the tiny octopuses , those face expressions won't make you feel indifferent, some look funny and welcoming, some look hostile and really crazy or even evil. But be careful! There are creatures of colors slightly different in their shade, that is why when you see them at first they seem to look alike and for this reason you try to spend some time in vain efforts clicking on a bunch of octopuses but there is no result, they keep making faces at you and meanwhile the number of others, the so called " newcomers" keeps on growing.

There are more than 20 levels in this online puzzle game, so you will have a chance to practice your skills and develop your attention. With each next level the game becomes more difficult, so make sure you have a quick reaction, be attentive and resourceful. And do not forget that you are lucky today because you can enjoy the magnificent view of the underwater world of the ocean while sitting at home in front of your computer playing this hilarious game, the Octplop!


Posted by FlashGirlGames - August 4th, 2011

Ant's evening is a new free quest game that doesn't require any special skills. It is a fine online adventure game, where your main task is to assist this little ant on his way home. All the lovers of adventure and quest games will find it exciting.

One little ant went for a walk and forgot about the time. When the sun was setting down, the ant understood that he had got lost and he was far from his sweet abode. His legs were injured and he couldn't go fast.

In this free point-and-click game you will guide this little ant through treacherous game's challenges. On his way he'll face a lot of dangers, but he is a brave little ant, who is ready for everything to reach his home. Help him to overcome all the obstacles and hurdles and come back to his lovely anthill. Practically all the insects in the dense grass will try to help him.

In each level of this adventure game you have to solve different tasks. Once you complete the task, you are automatically redirected to the next level.

At the first sight the game may seem pretty easy and with poor graphic, but on the other hand you may find it really interesting, trying to find the solution and the exit of each level.

The control in the game is realized with the help of mouse. You should just click on different objects correctly. Also if you are stuck, you can always consult with a walkthrough of the game.

"Ant's evening" offers a good entertainment for those who want to take a break and relax while staying at work place. Are you ready for adventures of this nice online quest game? Then let's go!

Ant's Evening

Posted by FlashGirlGames - June 20th, 2011

Modern gamers have become very demanding to flash online games. They can't be satisfied with simple puzzle game or just an ordinary arcade with very predictable scenario and plot. For such experienced gamers we offer a new free game in flash "Art Fever", with quite simple design, but very original event line. It can be referred to 4 game genres: "hidden object game", "skill game", "memorizing game" and "puzzle".

Despite the fact that such free on-line games are called puzzle games, which are pretty challenging, their gameplay is extraordinary or hard-to-describe; this free flash game unites these popular and not very difficult game genres about solving logical tasks. It implies that you will use your logical thinking, strategy skills, attention, memory and intuition.

Firstly, this flash game has a central line, which is "hidden object" genre. During fixed period of time the player should find certain objects on the area specially designed to complicate search.

This type of casual on-line game is quite popular, but it requires combination of complexity of tasks and unusual forms of gameplay to catch player's attention and make him/her play again and again.
Secondly, this mini-game includes some branches, particularly the game round for memorizing. There you can check your attention and recent memory. The player by turn will open 15 cards, half of which are pair. You can open only 2 cards at once - it demands concentration. For on-line games of this type, scenario was taken from such card games as "Pa%u0456rs", "Concentrat%u0456on", "Memory", "Sh%u0456nke%u0456-su%u0456jaku" %u0438 "Pexeso".
Thirdly, the player will have an opportunity to check ability to use the mouse. As a free skill game, it develops fast reaction skills.

The main heroine of "Art Fever" is a student girl - a future artist - who is preparing for a very important class and all her instruments and accessories are scattered all over the four rooms. What is she going to do? She has very little time for it! For the search in each room she has very limited period of time and after each failed round, you have an opportunity to enlarge your store of time on bonus levels. They will offer you the period of time, that you could save while playing the previous levels.

A glaring example of multi-level puzzle, which includes logical skills and keenness of wit. " Art Fever" excites and make the users play on-line till they win. You won't be disappointed! Start playing right now!

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Art Fever

Posted by FlashGirlGames - April 6th, 2011

Cute Dragon

How many dress up games have you already played? Now dress up games are gaining their popularity and this new colorful flash dress up game "Cute Dragon" will be very appreciated by the girls, who really fond of new fresh dress up games.

How many dress up games have you already played? Now dress up games are gaining their popularity and this new colorful flash dress up game "Cute Dragon" will be very appreciated by the girls, who really fond of new fresh dress up games.<br><br>Do you want to have a pet? And if you want, what animal do you want to choose? As usual, people choose quite common pets animals such as cute puppies, nice kittens, fluffy hamsters and pretty cavies or may be funny parrots. And what if, you can have something really extraordinary? What if not all the dragons died out during the Ice Age? Imagine you have a real little dragon - your new friend. How would you call him?

In this pretty dress up game you can dress up this cute little dragon. Choose his clothes - tops among the big variety of nice little shirts, bottoms: small shorts and, of course, a cool cap. Matching and mixing pieces of clothing is plenty of fun! Also, here a player can choose little dragon's skin color and face impression. You can also change background and go with your new little friend to a playground to rock on the swings or just go for a walk! According to different background you can choose his accessories: a photo camera, a log, a basket with apples or a delicious chicken.

This game was originally designed for girls, it's very easy to play. Beautiful bright and vivid colors make it really very cute and lighthearted.

There are a hint and a random button that can give you some nice ideas as for the image. Also, you can share it with your friends or print it and put it in the frame.

Have fun playing our free dress up games!

Cute Dragon

Posted by FlashGirlGames - December 17th, 2010

"CATness club" is a new online difference game, where you can check out your observation skills. It will definitely provide you with a good entertainment and won't leave you indifferent. Everything you need is a little more concentration and attention.

One should always remember, that inside every lazy house cat is a tiger! Previously the protagonist of this free game - fat house cat, all his life was living with his owner. She loved him so much! He was pestered and pampered in every way. He had everything the cat could desire! But who can resist wild hunting instincts? He felt that he was under the influence of the insticts which were more powerful than everything else. So, the cat had got a strong craving for new discoveries. And only then, he understood how much he had lost sitting near his beloved owner. Now he really wants to explore a new interesting world, which he didnĀ“t see before. Of course, he wants to try everything and he is setting off on a journey.

In this cool free online game you are supposed to find 5 differences between each pair of the pictures. Sometimes it's not as easy, as you may think. Mind, that there are no hints in the game, which requires noticing some small details. So, you should rely only on your abilities. Keep in mind, that it's better to avoid too fast clicking. There yummy brownies, as awarding points for you in storage. You can follow the story, spotting differences between images, which is stirring up your interest. This way, you can see the whole story - from the very beginning to the end.

So, in this awesome absolutely free spot-the-difference game you can spend your spare time with pleasure or have a rest in office. Let's join thrilling adventures of the cat, who has turned into real street cat! Enjoy!

CATness club